Built-In Intelligent Cooling System

The optional Contact Cooling Control function of the Scizer is a built-in intelligent cooling system, which creates an anesthetic effect assisting treatment procedures to be a painless experience.
Contact temperatures are adjustable and at the control of the physician and patient.
This new and pivotal function plays a vital role in accommodating to patient comfort.
In result, maximum convenience is accomplished for both patients and physicians, implicating a safe, effective and simple procedure.


2 x Hand-pieces


2 x Larger Spot Size


2 x Shorter Procedure Times


2 x The Results


2 x Less Pain



The Scizer treatment is designed to manipulate the adipocytes in the subcutaneous fat layer utilizing a non-invasive therapeutic focused ultrasound procedure. Based on the process of coagulative necrosis development, the treatment targets and reduces localized fat deposits, to ultimately and effectively improve the contours of the body.

Uniform Scanning Technology

The Scizer, equipped with progressive uniform scanning technology,
distributes an absolute and homogeneous beam profile to the Macro area of 46mm x 46mm.
Full coverage of the emission area is achieved with a precise and
equal distribution of ultrasound energy to the treatment area.
The design of the projected output is symmetrical in size and power,
to accomplish a higher yield of impact and results.


Beneficial Aspects




Monitoring of Fat Layer Improvements Before/After Procedure


Clinically Proven & Approved

Immediate Results and Gradual Improvement

Results from Scizer treatment is evident immediately after procedures and continue to reflect positive development gradually over periods of time. By delivering ultrasound energy at 2MHz and 13mm deep, without the distribution of heat diffusion to surrounding tissues, the targeted fat cells are destroyed with the utmost care. The Scizer is recognized as a safe and effective method of fat reduction, and provides all users the highest level of satisfaction for treatment procedures and outcomes.