Guardian of Women's Secret Garden

Is the private not important because of not visible?

Non-negligible private problem, corrected inside and exterior, can brought you back to young time. Help to connect yours and his personal privte time. Recover the physiological and psychological delighted moment. Enhance the sensitivity of G-spot. Then, naturally stimulate the "emotional hormone". People will be more charm, and youthful femininity.

RF Bar

The Skin will Get Age, The Vagina will Get Age.

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Problems of Vaginal Aging

- Women who cause vaginal relaxation after childbirth

- Menopause and the vaginal natural aging, dry, lack of flexibility

- Vulva and labia get loose, and vaginal exhaust occured when intimating

- Vaginal dryness and itching

- Mild urinary incontinence (coughing, sneezing, or exercise leading to incontinence)


No Anesthesia, Incisions, or Discomfort, Treat Vaginal Aging Problem


- Tighten the loose vagina

- Improve urinary seepage

- Tighten labia

- Improve vulvar pigmentation

- Reduce the dryness of vagina

- Enhance sensitivity

- Improve vaginal lubrication

- Improve the quality of sexual life


Apply high frequency energy to the human body through the electrode to the skin, and the energy is transferred to the target tissues by the movement of the ions, the rotational motion of the polarized molecules, and the distortion of the non-polar molecules. This heat effect of high frequency raises the temperature of the local tissue to manifest various physiological reactions and is used to relieve the pain of the deep tissues such as muscles and joint tissues by the deep heat generated at this time. High frequency  energy make expansion of vein by the above heat effect to increase blood flow and hydrostatic pressure of capillary vessel resulted in promotion of lymphokinesis, increase of metabolism to generate deep heat and revitalize cell or female vaginal contraction along with elasticity.

Hygiene and Safety

- KFDA safety certificate

- Precise temperature control system ensures that the temperature range of heat during treatment is 35°C~47°C

- Have real-time temperature monitoring, which makes the treatment safer, more effective and more accurate

- RF Bar tip are individually packaged and 1 time disposable

- No recovery period is required


Find Your Happiness, No Matter Different Ages and Needs



Through electrode apply low frequency electric current to human body to get contraction, relaxation generated in sclerite then have an effect like kegel exercise of woman.



- Enhanced the control of urine

- Improve the health of private

- Firm the vagina

- Reduce urinary incontinence due to coughing, sneezing or pulsing

- Increase muscle tone (helps prevent postpartum stress incontinence)

- Reduce urinary incontinence, postpartum urinary incontinence

Suitable for‧‧‧

Preparing pregnant lady

- Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to support the fetus

Mother who gave birth

- Enhance pelvic floor muscles

- Improve urinary frequency

- Avoid incontinence becuase of elderly

- Improve urinary incontinence

Light mature lady

- Improve vaginal relaxation and insufficient secretion 

Woman who is over 35 and decided not to have child or Menopause

- Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, restore the elasticity of the uterus and vagina, increase secretion

RF Vacuum

Keep Your Youth From the Outside


RF Vacuum Large: For waist, thigh, whole body

RF Vacuum Middle: For arms, calves, thighs

RF Vacuum Small: For face, arms

- Consolidate body muscle elasticity

- Maintains beauty shape of body

- Static muscle exercise

- Increase collagen regeneration


Transfer high electric energy or electron energy to biological tissue and consisted molecules are vibrating with friction together then in biological tissue converted to heat energy. It is called deep heat and biological heat. With the reason high frequency energy is converted to biological heat energy, the temperature of tissue is increased and function of cell is advanced.

If current is conducted to one way, electro chemical reaction occurs. High frequency current repeats very short vibration so, without electro chemical reaction or, electrolysis, comfortably make heating target tissue in the human body without discomfort or muscle contraction with no stimulation on sensory nerve or motor nerve.


- Promote blood circulation

- Stimulate cell regeneration

- Enhance lymphatics circulation, promote metabolism, and remove toxins

- Improve edema, create firm body shape

- Collagen regeneration help to tighten skin and wrinkle, restore elasticity

- Reduce fat and improve obesity

- Relieve muscle stress and fatigue